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A Wardrobe & Home Made with Care & Consciousness

We believe that the creation of consciously made products encourages connection and understanding of our surrounding world. There is deep thought behind everything we do, from using natural materials, expert craftsmanship, ethical practices and considerations of our social and environmental impact. Our goal is to help people to own fashion and homes that align with their needs and values.

Our Artisans

Our small size allows us to work collaboratively with every artisan to exchange skills and ideas while maintaining the highest standard in everything we produce.

Materials & Fabri

We focus on sourcing natural materials from across Africa to support small businesses and create earth-friendly designs.

➢  Handcrafted:​ We handcraft everything down to the smallest details, ensuring every piece is as unique as you are.

➢ Handwoven Organic Cotton:​ Our signature textile is made on handlooms by weavers from different parts of Kenya to develop chemical and pesticide-free products for the health and safety of workers, ecosystems and you.

➢  Upcycled/Recycled:​ We upcycle, recycle and conserve whatever we can, from antique velvet, scrap materials to brass elements minimizing any waste.

➢  Suede & Leather:​ We source hides from ‘happy cows’ that roam-free on the East African savannahs with their nomadic Maasai ​herders.

Always Growing, Always Striving​: We are trying our best to reduce our carbon footprint and become as eco-friendly as possible, but we recognize that true sustainability happens when 100% of the supply chain is sustainable.

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