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Welcome to VAST, the story of a brand created and inspired by the meeting of two beautiful and contrasting worlds.


We are a Kenyan slow fashion brand sourcing material from across  Africa and working with small scale artisans to produce high quality, handcrafted and upcycled designs in the spirit of conscious living.

We draw inspiration from the endless warmth, ​vibrancy and buzz of the African continent and design with a contemporary western approach. We create in​ consideration, celebration and preservation of craft, culture and tradition.


At VAST, we aren’t about chasing trends. We’re about creating the timeless.


Living in Kenya, being Swedish and travelling across Africa has instilled the ability to draw inspiration from every culture and adapt it into designs that celebrate our interconnectedness. I want VAST to be an embodiment of this lifestyle, connecting the world with Africa through materials, processes and ethics that support the wellbeing of all.


VAST collaborate with our artisan team, each bringing forth unique views, skills and experience. Together, we work in an​ open, endlessly creative process that leads us to push boundaries and create without limit.

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